About Me

Ashley takes inspiration from Luna Lovegood in every sense (Yes, this means she is obsessed with Harry Potter). Like Luna, she isn't afraid of stepping outside the box and pushing boundaries that have been set before her. Ashley's approach to life is very similar to her approach to work. She never shies away from the bigger picture while keeping her wits all the way through.

She graduated Seneca College for Independent Digital Photography and since then has had her work published in nation-wide campaigns. Naturally, her passion for Photography led her to the world of Social Media where she truly began to shine. Ashley's visual eye brings a different perspective to content creation that few can achieve. Her passion will always show through her craft.

Ashley has also Co-Founded GRLCHILL which is a passion project about friendship, self love and womanhood.

Ashley is currently residing in Toronto, Ontario





Air Miles, OLG, Public Mobile, Dairy Farmers of Canada, Mattel, IVI Magazine, Bluenotes, Live in Limbo, Sticky Magazine, Scene Point Blank, Humber College Magazine, Canadian Parent Magazine, Paddling Magazine, Hask Canada, 

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